Cookies policy

Cookies are small text files created automatically by the internet browser while the user is browsing websites online. They are used only to better adjust the website to the user’s individual needs. Cookies contain no personal data.

On our website we use two types of cookies:
On our website we use two types of cookies:

  • Session cookies – remain on the user’s device until the user leaves the website or closes the browser,
  • Persistent (permanent) cookies – remain on the user’s device for a specific period of time or until they are manually removed by the user.

Our website uses cookies for the following purposes:

  • to gather collective statistical and analytical data, which help us understand how visitors use our website. This enables us to constantly improve our website structure and contents in order to meet the needs of its current and future users.
    More information about the Google Analytics code and Google cookies can be found in Google Analytics Terms of Service relating to security and privacy.
    More information about the CrazyEgg code and cookies can be found in Crazy Egg Privacy Policy.
  • to establish, maintain and manage the user’s session, as well as to remember user preferences.

External websites, whose functions we use on our website, may also use cookies in order to enable users to log in and to display advertising contents adjusted to the user’s preferences and behaviours. In particular, such cookies include:

  • cookies relating to Google advertising and information network. The user can change such settings here.
  • cookies relating to embedded videos from Information about YouTube Privacy Policy can be found here.
  • cookies relating to Facebook social network. Basic information about privacy protection on Facebook can be found here.
  • cookies relating to “AddThis Social Bookmarking Widget” plug-in, used to share contents through social networking sites. After choosing the site on which contents of our website are to be shared, cookies from that site appear in the user’s browser. Information about Addthis Privacy Policy can be found here.

The user can change the way cookies are used any time. Most browsers allow users to enable or disable all cookies, to only enable some types of cookies or the browser can inform the user each time a website attempts to save cookies. The user can also easily delete cookies which have already been saved on their device by the browser. The available cookies management and removal options depend on the individual browser. Refraining from changing cookie settings in the browser is tantamount to consenting to their use.