Supervision and management of the technical location environment

Supervision and management of the technical location environment

Solutions in the field of management and supervision of the environment in telecommunications facilities applied in NetWorkS! are the sum of the best experiences and practices as well as our innovative solutions. Based on extensive experience from the Power Supply & AirConditioning domain, we have developed a unique management system for the technical environment. Through inter-system integration and linking of algorithms, we are able to minimise the effects of power failures and environmental faults, which significantly translates into end customer satisfaction.

In this area, we conduct:

  • monitoring of environmental parameters (e.g. temperature, power supply, air conditioning)
  • handling events in emergency situations and crisis actions, which ensures the continuity of environmental infrastructure
  • support for diagnostic and repair processes
  • development of energy models
  • preventive maintenance
  • recommendations regarding technical solutions and proposed investments
  • recommendations for savings initiatives
  • energy benchmarks of devices
  • tandardisation of alarm information
  • installation and operation of N!Box devices (proprietary NetWorkS! solution allowing for monitoring of a very wide range of environmental parameters and events)
  • development of customer-specific alarm and event handling principles along with the assignment of expected event neutralisation times (SLA)

Network Surveillance Centre

  1. detection of environmental events
  2. initial diagnosis of the problem
  3. coordination of activities
  4. record and coordination of events
  5. remote failure removal


Field maintenance

  1. ocal interventions (diagnostics, troubleshooting,
    local coordination of works)
  2. preventive maintenance
  3. inspections of the air conditioning, ventilation, power supply systems