N!BoX system

  • About the system
  • N!BoX system elements
  • N! BoX system architecture
  • N!BoX system functionalities
  • Why N!BoX system?

About the system

The N!BoX system is an innovative solution for monitoring, supervision and control of the environment of technical facilities.

This is a solution supporting tasks related to investment and maintenance processes. It enables remote management of alarms and events registered by devices in technical facilities.

Functionalities of the system also allow to increase operational and cost effectiveness by monitoring the functionality of devices, electricity consumption, process control or technology benchmark.

Inspection and analysis of the operation of technical infrastructure devices contribute to lowering the costs of its operation, increasing reliability and security.

The N!BoX system has advanced data analytical and presentation modules, which allows the creation of comprehensive and clear reports.

Its unique architecture enables the integration of other devices and the management systems.

N!BoX system elements

N!BoX driver is a device manufactured by NetWorkS! used for local environmental management, control, detection of events and monitoring of parameters in technical facilities.


  • reading and recording of data from peripherals
  • detection and signalling of threats
  • reading of energy parameters
  • measurement of environmental parameters
  • remote communication with the Syntion platform
  • device control

Syntion is an IT platform of the N! BoX system, used for control, detection of events and monitoring of technical environment parameters.

The platform is equipped with advanced data presentation modules, analytical modules, account management and data access permissions.


  • reading of on-line parameters
  • creating reports and analyses
  • event and alarm management
  • detection of anomalies, faults and failures
  • monitoring the functionalities of devices
  • remote management via the connected devices
  • cost optimisation
  • process control
  • benchmark of devices and technologies
  • access control to the facility
  • increasing the efficiency and reliability of equipment operation
  • possibility of integration with other devices and systems


BBox is a battery control module – a device used in the N!BoX environment monitoring system, designed to monitor the battery voltage. The module monitors the battery operation parameters (voltage, current, temperature).


Peripherals – any set of sensors and devices managed by the N!BoX driver or directly via the Syntion IT platform.
Examples of peripherals that implement the main functionalities of the system:

  • temperature, humidity and air quality sensors
  • PIR, fire protection, flood sensors
  • energy meters and network analysers
  • alarm, warning and access systems
  • power generators
  • power systems, power plants
  • air conditioners, fans, heaters

N! BoX system architecture

The Syntion system connects with the N!BoX driver via a mediation server.  The use of an intermediate mediation server also allows for integration of data sources other than N!BoX driver.

Two-way communication of the system with N!BoX devices is encrypted which ensures data security and enables communication using a variety of communication resources.

Driver configuration and measurement data are stored in a central database.

The system enables automatic management of the driver software:

  • automation of the software change process
  • software version control

The user interface is based on WEB technology which provides easy access to data from various types of terminal devices (tablet, telephone, computer).

N!BoX system functionalities

Below is a list of the basic functionalities of the system:

Environmental measurements, e.g.

  • temperature
  • pressure
  • humidity
  • air quality
  • wind speed and direction

AC measurement readings

  • voltage, current of the facility
  • active power, passive power, cos fi
  • frequency
  • active energy input, passive energy input

DC measurement readings of the power plant

  • voltage in the system
  • system current consumption
  • current consumption of individual power lines of the devices

Monitoring of the battery operation and status

  • voltage on individual batteries of battery sets
  • battery current
  • remote test of the available battery capacity

Detection of exceeded defined parameter values

  • temperature, humidity thresholds, etc.
  • measured values ​​in AC and DC networks

Threat detection

  • fire, smoke
  • presence in the room
  • unauthorised entry to the facility
  • flooding

Access control to the facility with RF cards*

  • authorisation and registration of entries
  • access control

*according to individual customer needs or functionality during development

Remote control with any device*

  • controllers for air conditioners, heating devices
  • power generators

*according to individual customer needs or functionality during development

Why N!BoX system?

N!BoX system enables:

  • reading of on-line parameters
  • event and alarm management
  • remote management of the connected devices
  • detection of anomalies, faults and failures
  • monitoring the functionalities of devices
  • access control to the location
  • benchmark of devices and technologies
  • cost optimisation
  • system monitoring
  • process control
  • correlation of actual and model data
  • creating reports and analyses

An innovative solution enabling comprehensive monitoring, supervision and control of the work environment of critical infrastructure devices and remote control of parameters.

Monitoring of environmental parameters allows to maintain reliable operation of devices as well as extend their lifetime and respond immediately to detected deviations.

Reading of parameters of the technical environment allows for accurate analysis of device operation, correlation of actual with model data and costs optimisation.

The N!BoX system ensures operation security and continuity for functions and services provided by the devices.

Award – State Security Leader 2018

On June 21, 2018, the N!BoX system – an integrated system for monitoring, supervision and control of the environment of technical facilities, was awarded in the 6th edition of the State Security Leader competition in the Innovative Product category.

The award ceremony took place during a gala organised at the Conference Centre of the Ministry of National Defence in Warsaw. Honorary patronage over the ceremony was taken by the Head of the National Security Bureau at the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland, minister Mr Paweł Soloch.

The State Security Leader competition is organised by the Association of Purveyors for Uniformed Services in order to promote innovative products, projects and services that can be used in weapon systems and equipment of uniformed services as well as to improve the functioning of crisis management systems.