N! Systems and tools

  • Introduction
  • SPIN
  • Syntion
  • Syntion FM
  • Sois
  • Reporting tools
  • NetStat
  • NetCube
  • Netis
  • MISiU


The extensive portfolio of our services can be enriched with proprietary application solutions supporting operational processes. Our developers have extensive experience in creating solutions and tools tailored to individual, often non-standard, customer requirements.

Tools offered by us support:

  • operational processes related to reactive, preventive and proactive activities
  • management and consolidation of alarm information from many independent systems
  • monitoring and visualising of the transmission structure based on new IP technologies
  • management of inventory information
  • monitoring of commercial processes related to the development and modification of telecommunications and technical infrastructure


SPIN – System of Processes and Tools, created and developed from scratch by the NetWorkS! company based on the best experience of our engineers.

A complete web platform based on the COMMON DASHBOARD model offering comprehensive business services

The main attributes of the SPIN system:

  • integration of data, processes, tools and reports is carried out in the COMMON DASHBOARD model
  • possibility of integration with customer systems
  • possibility to embed external web applications and active
  • integration via API (automatic data transfer to external systems)
  • access for external employees is available via automatic logging based on the source domain (ADFS – Active Directory Federation Services)
  • software provided in the SaaS model (Software as a Service)
  • software entirely based on the web technology (browser), which reduces the costs related to its maintenance on customer computers
  • possible modifications and development of software in accordance with the customer’s requirements
  • full flexibility and very fast development
  • 24/7 maintenance by a team of dedicated architects/ administrators involved in the system development


Syntion is an IT platform of the N! BoX system, used for control, detection of events and monitoring of technical environment parameters.

The platform is equipped with advanced data presentation modules, analytical modules, account management and data access permissions.


  • reading of on-line parameters
  • creating reports and analyses
  • event and alarm management
  • detection of anomalies, faults and failures
  • monitoring the functionalities of devices
  • remote management via the connected devices
  • cost optimisation
  • process control
  • benchmark of devices and technologies
  • access control to the facility
  • increasing the efficiency and reliability of equipment operation
  • possibility of integration with other devices and systems

Syntion FM

Syntion FM – proprietary umbrella system that allows management, consolidation and presentation of alarm information from many independent systems

Main attributes of the SyntionFM system:

  • the user interface is built in completely of technology based on dynamic HTML that does not require the installation of additional components
  • an extensive correlation mechanism that adapts the system’s operation to external information, e.g. alarm data from external databases, information from SMS gateways, information from maintenance systems, etc.
  • alarm data are exported to the reporting system in which alarm information, inventory information and information related to maintenance processes can be linked to each other
  • possibility of simple integration with customer systems
  • easy creating of advanced cross-cutting reports, combining data from a lot of areas
  • visualisation of information from the system in the form of freely configurable alarm lists as well as area maps


SOIS – System of Information Systems

Complete IT solution of the umbrella system for visualisation of the transmission network built on the basis of various transmission technologies. It enables monitoring and visualisation of the transmission structure based on new IP technologies.

The main attributes of the SOIS system:

  • visualisation of the route of transmission paths
  • presentation of equipment configuration data
  • storage of information on the configuration of radio transmission devices
  • automatic calculation of the path route based on the data downloaded from the devices
  • combining of data on transmission carried out via leased lines with data on the network elements
  • possibility to find common transmission elements for a selected list of final elements
  • possibility to determine the impact of scheduled works on final elements and detection of elements causing transmission problems in the network
  • the source of information on the actual network configuration – both from the hardware and logic side

Reporting tools

Reporting tools enable the creation of very complex reports, dedicated to specific users’ needs. The results can be presented in a visually attractive way in the form of various types of charts and diagrams.

  • construction of advanced analytical and reporting applications
  • consolidation of data from various sources, based on very large volumes of data, online data directly from databases
  • data visualisation in the form of various types of tables, charts and diagrams
  • creating reports dedicated to specific users’ needs
  • access to reports at any time and place
  • support for making right business decisions


NetStat – a system enabling the visualisation of radio network statistics and parameters based on the NetCube data warehouse


  • tabular views and rankings
  • presentation of KPI as well as PM and CM data
  • possibility to define your own KPIs
  • possibility to create SQL queries by a user
  • advanced methods of searching and filtering data
  • extensive possibilities to adjust the chart image
  • integration with other systems (GIS, inventory, alarms)


NetCube – data warehouse containing data on the network quality (PM, QM), configuration data of network elements (CM) and reporting data

  • a central source of data on the quality, use, configuration and performance of the network
  • guarantee of minimisation of the delay for loading current data from RAN, network meter record and KPI for operating needs and generating alarms on the basis of statistics
  • integration of data from different network solution providers referring to different technologies, presenting them in the most consistent and uniform way, at different levels of aggregation both in the time dimension and according to the hierarchy of network facilities
  • data separation according to strictly set exchange rules (BlackBox)


Netis – a network inventory system containing information on the network structure, locations, elements in locations, configuration parameters

Basic information on the system:

  • possibility of quick identification of facilities, finding their location in the field, reporting the element parameters
  • built based on a common hierarchical database for all facilities
  • possibility of integration with external systems depending on the customer’s needs
  • the system base stores historical, planned and current image of the network using the facility versioning mechanism
  • API in PL SQL for advanced users (automation of repetitive tasks)
  • possibility of integration with customer systems
  • browsing all facilities in NETIS in a web browser
  • entering data in a web browser
  • compatibility with all popular browsers
  • low cost of adding new facilities to the presentation (via configuration)
  • presentation of facilities on maps
  • convenient tools for creating reports/ charts
  • possibility of integration by embedding web application objects in other portals


MISiU – Website and Contract Inventory Module

The main assumptions of the application:

  • inventory of services provided in N! for customers
  • mapping resource areas to service and maintenance areas
  • parameterisation of services provided by N! related to SLA
  • integration with the IT systems of customers and applications used in N!
  • shortening the recording time of the Incident in the FM process as a result of the automation of the mechanism for determining the priority of the document
  • improving the quality of the FM process by facilitating the determination of the right priority of the incident
  • support for participants of the FM process regardless of changes in SLAs
  • improvement of the quality of the scheduled work process (CM) by linking information from the SLA to the document processing principles
  • shortening the time of PP registration as a result of providing functions supporting the stage of their creation
  • environment flexibility in the case of the need to implement new conditions resulting from the start of cooperation with new entities


CERBER – is used to apply for passes and scheduled work by contractors.

It allows to submit an application for registration of a pass or scheduled work, taking into account the applicable principles, requirements of the operators, arrangements with the location owners and correlation with other scheduled activities. It allows to manage the application stage for passes and scheduled work, modelling this part of the process, ensuring compliance with requirements and enforcing the expected quality of application handling.


  • a higher level of traffic control in locations
  • simplified and improved communication
  • increased location security
  • increase in the efficiency of application handling
  • accountability of the process and the possibility of reporting
  • fewer failures caused by unauthorised entries
  • decrease in the number of interventions caused by unauthorised entries
  • tightening the process of handling entries and scheduled works
  • unification of the process in all areas

The only tool in Poland in which applications for passes and scheduled work are processed simultaneously for:

  • NetWorkS! subcontractors
  • suppliers – Nokia and HUA
  • T-Mobile and Orange
  • subcontractors T-Mobile and Orange
    other operators